New Real Estate Rentals In Canada

Municipalities are required to submit their project proposals for each year within timelines determined by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and housing.  The first year started in June 2009, in which all construction-ready projects should have been submitted to the Ministry by the end of this month.  These projects have started construction at end of September 2009.  In addition to the month of June 2009, the Ministry offered additional dates to accept projects, including that of July 31st, September 30th and November 2nd, 2009.  All projects submitted within those months that are accepted will start construction within the three month period that was stated in the eligibility paragraph above.  Projects for year two of the program will be offered by the Ministry after February 1, 2010.  Additional dates for the 2010 will be announced at a later date.

The New Affordable Rental Housing Development program in Canada is a small start to aiding its country with new rentals, especially for the individuals that need help with it most.  This means more affordable living for recent immigrants, aboriginal persons, victims of domestic violence and the working poor in Canada.  If you have an interest in submitting a project to the Ministry that supports this cause than you should contact that Canada Affordable Housing Program today!

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